Tiniest HD Pocket Projector

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  • 60 Inch LED HD Projector with rechargeable battery and HDMI/USB Ports .
  • A tiny device for home movie nights as well as office working conferences .


 Bright and Vibrant images : 600 Lumens, accurate colors and rich contrast with deep blacks and bright whites, even in rooms which aren’t totally black.

 Compact & Portable : 5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches and 6oz (12.7 x 8.6 x 4.6 cm and 170g )

 Projection Distance : 0.8 – 2 m (for best performance)

 NeverDieLamp : 30.000 hours of lamp life

 Built-in-Speaker also features a special port to use your own external speaker

 Works with any device : HDMI, USB, AV cord, 3.5mm jack, Micro SD and TF card connections.

 Outdoor use : can be powered from just a powerbank. Perfect for camping, business meeting and travels

 Harmless LED light : The American Bridgelux LED light is harmless for the eye and has a a very small power consumption.


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  • Tiniest HD Pocket Projector
  • Power Adaptor
  • 3.5mm to RCA AV cable (HDMI cable not included)
  • Remote control
  • User manual

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14 reviews for Tiniest HD Pocket Projector

Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Monica V.
Premise for a long time. Video and sound for a budget pieces, good. Daughter happy.
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Katiya B.
this portable projector is a great find and deserves much applause for the price at which it is being sold. Easy to setup and the adjustment buttons are fairly easy to manipulate. The projector also light weight.The clarity is too good. Build is rigid. Color depth is vibrant.Have surround sound speakers and you will never feel the urge of going to theater.I will definitely recommend this projector! Quality of sound and video is on point!! Definitely worth buying!
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Alice Q.
Arrived on time, really easy to use and set up. So small it fits in my handbag. 100% recommended
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Rebeca H.
I like to use it while cooking for the kids, since I don't have any screen on my kitchen. Totally worth it !
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Brent P.
Came quite fast, well boxed and easy to install. One minor thing, remote control has no batteries included, thus 4/5 stars.
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Elisa M.
Easy peasy movie nights in perspective : )
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Eva M.
I absolutely love it! For the price, and the size it is really comes through. I was really skeptical and didn't know what to expect. Just discovered how amazing watching a movie in a bubble bath feels and I'm so glad I made this purchase ;)
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Anna L.
Really nice projector, for the money and size it's pretty good. Plays video even with the external hard drive.
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Martin F.
I bought it for my power point presentations and it just work fantastic. It's simple to carry, install and use. I usually grab my powerbank and / or connect to my computer (even few times on my iPhone). Really nice job !
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Marta V.
Kids love so much ! Now we can watch shows together in bed :) Pretty amazing on how small and portable it is!! Good for its price consider you need to pay at least 200 dollars for projector of this size.
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Best $60 you will spend! Picture is clear, speaker could be better although for home use indoors it's significantly loud enough. Cartoon movies seem to display better than live action.
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Mike D.
We love it, bought it for our camper and it works very well. Better to use at nighttime. The picture comes in pretty clearly, the audio comes in well except it is only meant for mono sound, you can always listen to the audio via headphones. I am quite pleased with it and I recommend for any one to use or see. Buy it and see for yourself!
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Michelle D.
I got this projector for my five year old, since I find it "healthier" than watching on the tablet or the TV. He is very happy with it, since they have been using a similar one at school. I have been using my laptop with the HDMI input (note that the HDMI cable is not included), and the videos play really smooth. I have taken a video from YouTube during mid-afternoon, when there is still some light from outside, and it is very enjoyable to watch. I like that the projector turns on and off within seconds, and that the menus are very responsive. It also has a built-in speaker with decent volume. Overall, I find this a fantastic toy projector, and my son is delighted with it!
Tiniest HD Pocket Projector photo review
Steph K.
Great little projector. Now when I say little I do mean it. It fits in my son's palm of his hand. Now that being said this little thing packs a punch. You can get about a 32 inch tv out of this and have a good clear picture bigger then that it gets a little blurry. Now do not buy this expecting an living room quality projector then come bash this. For what this is it exceeded all my expectations. You do need a dark room as the brightness level is not overly bright in a light room. But this has a built in speaker so you don't need to attach speakers too it.
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